9/11 Garden of Remembrance

Th Kinsale Garden of remembrance was established by a Kinsale lady, Kathleen Cait Murphy who worked as a nurse for over 30 years in New York City. During that time she came to admire the work of the Fireman and was shocked at the deaths of 343 who died in 9/11. As a result she decided to provide a memorial in Ireland, on her land at Ringfinnan, Kinsale with a tree for each of the Fireman who died, as well as one for their Chaplin Father Michale Judge who was a persona friend of hers. Since the garden was planted, many relatives and friends of the dead have come to visit and leave prayers, photographs and flowers there.

The 10th anniversary of the Twin Towers disaster was recalled on Saturday the 10th September, 2011 by civil and religious ceremonies with representatives from the Irish Government, as well as the town and county authorities who attended a mass in memory of 9/11. Unfortunately, Kathleen was not there as she died in March of that year, but her family and friends honored her work with a tree planting ceremony to recall the life of the lady who has helped preserve the story of these New York Firemen who died so tragically.

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