The Kinsale Famine Graveyard (2017)

The Kinsale Famine Graveyard ( also known as An Pol Bui...the Yellow Hole ) was created during the Great Famine 1845 - 1852. Hundreds of people are buried there, mostly those who died of Yellow Fever..hence "An Pol Bui". In recent years it was quite neglected and overgrown so Kinsale Tidy Towns committee took on the task of renovating and repairing the surrounding wall and garden. A new sign was constructed and placed over the gate. When the Government were issuing young trees to commemorate the nine martyrs of 1916, we acquired nine trees and planted them in the graveyard. We also had named photographic plaques made and attached to each of them, and erected a framed copy of the Proclamation. It is now open to the public.

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